Health & Wellness


It’s all about balance. Here at Whittier, our vision is to create and sustain a learning environment where healthy behaviors are an essential component to your academic and individual success.

From our to the eating options served up at the Campus Inn, Whittier offers plenty of ways to stay active and fit. Our ideal Southern California weather allows for year-round sports and activities. Head out for a jog through the ficus-lined trees of Uptown Whittier. Grab some friends for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament on the upper quad. Sign up for a physical activity class like Zumba or kickboxing. Join a or excel at Inner-tube Water-polo or any other intramural sport.

And don’t just thrive physically. Good health means having a full measure of emotional and social vitality, as well. The College’s Health & Wellness Center, and its highly qualified medical staff, provide a comprehensive range of services, including: nutrition education, injury and illness treatment, wellness exams, vaccinations, and referrals. Our Counseling Center2019最新中文字幕在线观看,中文字幕乱码 电影在线观看,2019中文字字幕在线不卡 offers a number of psychiatry services, as well as workshops and seminars each semester geared toward stress management, relaxation techniques, and other mental health topics.

2019最新中文字幕在线观看,中文字幕乱码 电影在线观看,2019中文字字幕在线不卡College life is fast-paced, sometimes frantic, leaving students with little time to worry about their health. However, we care about you and have programs and services in place to help you maintain a healthier you.